About the material

This teaching material is aimed at nursery school teachers, primary school teachers and lower secondary school teachers who wish to teach children and young people about dementia.

The material contains:

  • Teaching slides
  • Teaching guides with references to supplementary material on the subject.
  • Worksheets / quizzes and films
  • Brochures for teachers
  • Brochures for parents

The material is devised differently, to suit particular learning ages: Nursery school - 3rd grade, 4th - 6th grade, and 7th - 10th grade (also suitable for boarding schools).

All of the material is accessible and free.

The material was devised during the period 2017-2019 by Aalborg Municipality with financial support from the Danish Health Authority in connection with a national dementia action plan. The material is part of Initiative 14; local and national activities supporting a dementia-friendly society.